AEL Sistemas

Innovation and technology for national defense

AEL Sistemas is a Brazilian company, located in Porto Alegre has dedicated itself to the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and logistics support of advanced military and space electronic systems for applications in air, maritime and terrestrial platforms. Capable of providing, designing and developing avionics, ground-based systems and systems for public security, the company also participates in various programs of the space industry.

Considered a center of excellence in defense technology, since 2001, AEL SISTEMAS S.A. is part of the Elbit Systems group, world leader in the defense segment. We are active in strategic projects of the Brazilian Armed Forces such as the Gripen NG, KC-390, Guarani and SISFRON - Integrated Border Monitoring System. Through advanced technologies and knowledge, modern infrastructure and systematic training, AEL produces cutting edge, reliable and innovative solutions, with the quality of its internationally accredited products and services.

Research and Development

At the defense systems technological center of AEL - a space of 10,000m², we produce cutting edge, reliable and innovating solutions. We continuously invest in technology and training of people with the commitment of developing the Country’s space and defense industry. The mastery of leading edge technologies and accumulated experience have enabled the company to integrate different types of systems in varied platforms, enhancing the operational capacity and efficiency of the missions.

The Avionics Software House (ASH), a pioneering project in Brazil, has trained Brazilian technicians to integrate and develop software for the most modern avionics systems intended for civil and military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Currently, this group is composed of more than 30 professionals in a continuous process of absorption and transfer of knowledge, which enables the development of technology at the company’s headquarters in Brazil, in combination with the engineers of AEL that is working in Israel.

"TerrainFollowing" is a terrain following guidance system that enables low-altitude tactical flights following the contour of the relief in a safe manner. The development of the system was supported by FINEP, and in this project, hundreds of hours of actual flight have been performed in simulated environments, which prove the success of this innovative Brazilian project.

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AEL Sistemas developed the first Brazilian inertial navigation system for aircraft, a great technological leap that allows Brazilian independence in inertial navigation systems. The EGI allows the obtaining of a stabilized reference plane from gyroscopes and accelerometers, being able to determine movement in 3 axes.

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The X-86 is a high performance VPX standard embedded computer module for aeronautical applications, which is already used as a mission computer for the aircraft KC-390. With hardware, software and mechanical designs developed by Brazilian engineers from AEL Sistemas, it was possible to increase the mechanical design capacity and production of printed circuit boards.


Enable reliable and innovative solutions, which enhance the capabilities of our clients, focusing on the Aerospace, Defense and Security segments.


To be the first choice in technological solutions for critical mission needs.

Our values

Focus on the Client:  Attention to customer needs and prompt service.

Competence, Flexibility, Innovation and Excellence: Professionalism, boldness and competence in each specialty; Continuous search for innovative ways to improve our solutions; Reliability and quality in everything we do.

Appreciation of People: We achieve our results through people; Incentive to employee development; Sharing of achievements and learning.

Sustainability, Credibility and Respect: Honor commitments, ethics, honesty and openness; Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; Efficiency and profitability to shareholders; Respect for diversity; Respect for customers, suppliers, employees, society and the environment

Conducting our business ethically is one of the fundamental values of AEL Sistemas. Our integrity policy is designed to ensure compliance standards and best practices applicable in our national and global activities. Due to our ethical business conduct importance, our Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct, our Anti-Bribery Policy, as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct are publicly available on our website for reference.

   Code of Business and Ethics    |     Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy   |     Supplier Code of Conduct   |     Whistleblower and Investigations Procedure   |     Shipping Policy

AEL Sistemas Group´s Quality Policy is committed to:

  • • Focus on customer and stakeholders' satisfaction, meeting their expectations and applicable requirements regarding the quality of products and services;
  • • Enable reliable and innovative solutions as a competitive differential;
  • • Promote a trust and commitment-based environment on its values, as well as qualification and development of its employees;
  • • Achieve continual improvement of the Quality Management System as a basic principle to ensure its goals achievement;
  • • Be a professional and proactive organization with a clear influence on the quality of its products and services.


Quality Management System (QMS) Certificates

The AEL QMS is certified based on the requirements of the following standards:
• AS 9100 / EM 9100 / JISQ 9100 / SAE AS9100 | Certified by ABS Quality Evaluation
• AQAP 2110 | Certified by the IFI/DCTA (Aeronautical Command)
• ISO 9001 | Certified by ABS Quality Evaluation


Maintenance Certificates

The AEL is also certified to provide maintenance services in aeronautical equipment, meeting the requirements of the following certifying and/or governmental agencies:

Military application
• Aeronautical and Military Material Directorate - DIRMAB (Aeronautical Command) | Certification based on ICA 65-36 requirements
• Navy Aeronautics Directorate - DAerM (Brazilian Navy) | Certification based on the requirements of OI 30-02

Civil application
• National Civil Aviation Agency - ANAC | Certification RBAC 145

AEL Sistems SA, a company dedicated to design, development, manufacturing, maintenance and logistics support for aviation, space and defense equipment for the Armed Forces, is committed in promoting the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System, aimed for the reduction on environmental impacts and on the rational use of natural resources, meeting the applicable legislation and other requirements established by the company.

The AEL Sistemas Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified with ISO ISO 14001:2015 and has the following scope: Management of environmental aspects and impacts associated to activities of design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of electronic systems applied in aeronautics, space and defense.

  1. AEL Sistemas has the following licenses:
  2. • LO – Operating License no. 012768/2012, issued by SMAM - Municipal Secretariat for the Environment;
  3. • IBAMA – registration no. 74305;
  4. • POLÍCIA FEDERAL – Operation License Certificate no. 200801434-1.