Coral Family


Coral CR

The CORAL-CR is an advanced binocular with cooled thermal imager and laser pointer for defense and security operations. The equipment can be used in missions of surveillance, reconnaissance and acquisition of targets, in the most varied environments and weather conditions. The CORAL-CR has already operated in combat and has been selected to join the SISFRON program.

Mini Coral

Extremely lightweight non-cooled thermal imaging system, designed for target acquisition in urban and combat areas. This compact system allows the user to detect and acquire targets up to three kilometers of distance and store data, images and videos in a database. Developed especially for major infantry modernization programs.

Micro Coral

Cooled, small and lightweight thermal imaging monocular, capable of detection and reconnaissance of long-range targets. This system allows for tactical observation in motion or from an observation post. The Micro CORAL is designed to be used with just one hand and carried by a handle.