Atena Family

Gyro-stabilized digital electro-optical systems


The D-Atena is an electro-optical system for operations on aerial platforms, reconnaissance vehicles and vessels. The system is a four-axis gyro-stabilized payload, which features a high-definition TV camera with continuous zoom and third-generation thermal imager. With high-resolution night-time imaging capability, it is equipped with an integrated high-power laser illuminator, designator and searching system, which allows for accuracy in target detection and acquisition capability.


The Micro-Atena is a compact and lightweight platform stabilized on 3 axes. It features a thermal imager, high-definition CCD with continuous zoom and image analysis algorithms for acquisition, detection and tracking of real-time targets. It is also equipped with high power and accuracy laser for target lighting and designation. It can be installed on helicopters, gliders and other aerial, sea and ground platforms.