Coyote XACT th family

Sight with Thermal Imager for Weaponry

Coyote XACT th64 an th65

The COYOTE XACT th64 and th65 family are sights with high-performance non-cooled thermal imager for lightweight weaponry. They feature a high-resolution OLED color display housed in a sealed metal housing. The system, besides being robust, is submersible up to 20m and has already been proven in combat. They feature image processing capabilities, which allow the user to maximize target engagement even in severe environmental conditions. Through a specific mechanism, it does not require calibration during operational use.

Coyote XACT th100

The COYOTE XACT th100 is a sight for weaponry with high-performance non-cooled thermal imager. It has great thermal sensitivity for target discrimination and reconnaissance in conditions of little or total absence of light. It is designed for operational missions with heavy 0.50" machine guns and 20mm guns, allowing for high-accuracy shots by direct observation through the eyes.