Target Acquisition and Designation

Ratler H

Hand-held target illuminator for foot soldier, which provides the combatant with greater effectiveness in fire support. The size, weight and shape of a pistol make the system easily transportable and accessible for immediate use during Approximate Air Support missions.
Illuminator: 5km

Ratler G

Portable illuminator and designator for foot soldiers, which allows for effective target designation and lighting. With reduced size and weight, the system is easily transportable, ideal for use in Approximate Air Support missions. It has internal optical lens, integrated to the laser illuminator and infrared pointer.
Illuminator: 10 km
Designator: 5 km


Portable day/night laser acquisition and designation system. With camera to view laser-lit targets and target management capability, it allows images to be stored.
Illuminator: 12 km
Designator: 6 km


Vehicle mounting system, which enables coded designation and lighting for daytime and nighttime operations. Combined with a sighting device, it provides a practical and easy solution for existing equipment.
Illuminator: 15 km
Designator: 8 km


Portable and lightweight system for target acquisition and designation, for day and night use. Highly reliable, it has excellent performance due to its architecture based on diode pumping. It allows you to designate and illuminate high priority targets over long distances.
Illuminator: 15 km
Designator: 8 km


Portable system for target detection and acquisition, for day/night use. Its optical lens and its high-power laser provide excellent performance, allowing for selective assignment of high-priority targets over long distances. Developed for use by Special Operations Forces.
Illuminator: 18 km
Designator: 10 km